January 19, 2007

Reading Scripture the Jewish way

A wondercafe poster has been explaining scripture in a very unique way. She has a lot of experience with Judaism, and the way it looks at the Bible is very refreshing. She sent me the following info:

It is PaRDeS. like a dreidel the letters are initials. They stand for Peshat, Remez, Derash, Sod.

Peshat = the surface meaning
Remez = allusions or allegories
Derash = midrash way of finding new lessons
Sod = the hidden mystical Kabbalah way


Tim R said...

I think this is one of those really deep things that takes a long time to really understand. It applies to so much it has the tendency to mean very little until it is heavily explored.

MonAsksIt said...

Yeah, definately worth studying. Maybe a paper in Theology School some day?