June 22, 2010

MWUC members Faith Discussion

You have all seen these signs; they are everywhere:


This is a good one. I discovered it on facebook of course. What isn't immediately obvious is that it is an advertisement. It is speaks to its intended audience with an issue we can all agree with. The person who posted the picture, likely from their cell phone camera, had no intention of advertising the church or the sign.

And yet... It comes to me. All the way from Ohio! You can see the name on the top of the sign: "Stone Bridge Church of God"

I wanted to know where Stone Bridge was, so I did a Google search. It took me seconds to find it. I suppose I am advertising it now as well... But that is not my point. If you look at the link, it takes you to a very slick web page. The page was put together by a media company

It sounds like StoneBridge takes evangelism very seriously. They put their resources into finding as many people as they can. My question to you is, how comfortable do you feel about their mission statement, "StoneBridge Church of God is a Bible-based community devoted to making and developing disciples of Jesus Christ."? I know Mill Woods United is a church. We worship. We listen to Bible passages. We are involved in lots of Justice issue. But...

Are YOU bible based? Are you devoted to developing disciples of Jesus?

Or are you like the person who posted the above image? Advertising by accident, not intentionally working toward the Kingdom of Christ?

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