November 15, 2006

Sermon Starters

These are some of the sermon topics that EZed Squirrel garnered from WonderCafe members:

For all you preachers out there, here is a list worthy of your consideration:
The true meaning of life
How to find your purpose in the world
Multi-faith expressions around peace and militant non-violence
Who's view of religion is right and why that is so
Nativity story as just that: story
Easter story as just that: story
What "right" means
The damage done by Biblical literalism
The need for reflection and journey
The "good life".
What to look for in a mate
How to be better parents/neighbours
Whether ethical funds are truly a good short-term investment

monasksit Wed, Nov 15/0602:40 pm: Hi, EZ, can I pass these on to my minister? He's already done the Easter and Nativity stories, and led book studies on Borg and Spong.

EZed Wed, Nov 15/0603:45 pm: EZ Answer: Yes...just send a cheque made out to EZ...never're family, so there's no cost.

As a sidebar, I think EZ is a definate asset to WonderCafe - cute, cuddly, asks good questions, and has a sense of humor as well!

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