November 20, 2006

Worship of Jesus vs God

Here, in a nutshell is a statement that explains to me what a fundamentalist believes:

Automan wrote in Worship of Jesus vs God on

"Jesus Christ IS the Word of God. The Word of God IS God. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. He was crucified and rose, and then sent HIS Spirit to DWELL WITHIN US.

If you do not have that, you have nothing.

We worship God through Jesus Christ the Son. Otherwise God hears nothing of us."

This translates to me

  1. The bible is the Word of God (true and indisputable, inspired by God, unchangeable and without fault)
  2. Jesus fulfills the word of God (Ten Commandments and other lists of rules are superseded by Jesus' Grace etc.)
  3. The Word of God IS God (Do what the Bible says and you are accountable to God).
  4. Jesus was the living Bible
  5. When risen, the Bible lives in spirit in us (Jesus, the word, God, all live in us in the Word, or the Bible).
  6. God cannot communicate with us because we are sinful. Therefore we must communicate with God through Jesus (or, I am guessing, by reading the Word of God?).

What this ALL boils down to is that if you believe the bible you are right with God. How do you interpret the Bible? Go ask your preacher. He will fill you in on what it means. It is far too important for you to decide what it means for yourself.

That certainly explains why they have so much trouble with our interpretation of the Bible and why they don't call us Christians.

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