November 15, 2006

Wonder Cafe

Hi and welcome to our discussion. Mo and I have been posting like crazy on and we like the site a lot. There are lots of really good discussions happening and there are a few people who are interested in finding out what's behind the new advertising campaign sponsored by the United Church of Canada.

The site is very professional and I have yet to see it break down (except due to heavy traffic on the first day) in any way. The site does have some technical limitations though.

Mo and I thought we might chronicle our discussions on Wonder Cafe and rescue the gems we have found there for our future reference. Rather than do that in a word document, we thought we would share them with anyone who was interested.

Posting will likely be infrequent. We intend to invite other local people to our list of contributors. Comments will be available but moderated. This is our site after all. For full discussions, is open to all.

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